The Center for Eucharistic Evangelizing is an outreach ministry of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament to parishes and dioceses in providing a variety of materials to assist Catholics in deepening their understanding and appreciation of the eucharistic mystery. The CEE unites the eucharistic vision and mission of the congregation with lay collaborators who are awakened to a vocational call to center their lives on the Eucharist and make the riches of the Eucharist known to others.

In addition to the LITE program, the CEE offers the following resources:

Apostle of the Eucharist―The Life and Legacy of Saint Peter Julian Eymard
Throughout history, the church has been blessed with outstanding men and women who were entrusted with a particular gift to enrich the life and mission of the church. This series is designed to introduce participants to Saint Peter Julian Eymard and his mission to make the Eucharist known and loved in such a way as to transform society. Canonized at the Second Vatican Council, Eymard is a saint for our times. His eucharistic vision continues to inspire people to live more deeply the love of God manifested in this sacrament. His feast (August 2) is on the universal calendar of the church.


The Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Eucharist

A detailed overview of the church’s theology and teachings on the Eucharist in relation to the Trinity, the saving act of Jesus, the work of the Holy Spirit, the mission of the church in the world, and the relationship between the Eucharist and the future that awaits us in heaven. Additionally, the program explores the vision of a eucharistic spirituality that is reshaping the sacramental life of the church. The material is especially suited for a parish day of renewal or for the spiritual enrichment of parishioners in catechetical and liturgical ministries.


Celebrating a Faith That Does Justice

When the Eucharist we celebrate fails to move us toward works of justice, it remains incomplete. This workshop invites participants to consider the connection between the Eucharist and social justice in examining three aspects of the sacrament: 1. Caring―the movement from indifference to identification; 2. Sharing―the movement from isolation to communion; and 3. Daring―the movement from cynicism to hope.


Communion with the Poor

The Eucharist is food for body and soul. Breaking the bread of Christ’s body and sharing the cup of his blood can open our eyes to see the hungry, the sick, and the oppressed at our door. The Eucharist calls us to understand that what we do for our least brother or sister we do for God. Our partaking of the Eucharist moves us to seek a deeper communion with the suffering Christ in our midst.


Dine and Unwind with the One Who Loves You

This series of monthly holy hours was created to link the celebration of the Mass to eucharistic adoration. Dine at the table of the Eucharist; unwind in the eucharistic presence. Sessions contain questions for personal reflection, pertinent stories, catechetical outlines on the themes, and community dialogue prayers.


Eucharistic Evangelizing

Saint Peter Julian Eymard saw the Eucharist as a powerful means of renewal for the church and society. The church in our times is calling for a new evangelization. This day of renewal is designed to help a parish unify all of its ministries, organizations, and activities in light of the celebration of the Eucharist and in being sent forth from the table to evangelize. Through presentations and group sharing, the conversation deepens appreciation of what it means to belong to a community made up of many parts, yet united in a common purpose of making known the presence of Christ in its midst.


Eymard Pilgrimage―In the Footsteps of Saint Eymard

You will travel with members of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament to France, to visit the places and discover the history that shaped the life and mission of Peter Julian Eymard, the Apostle of the Eucharist. The pilgrimage begins in Paris where the congregation was founded in 1856 and where the remains of Saint Eymard are enshrined. It will take you into the French Alps and the village of La Mure and the house of Peter Julian. Time for communal prayer, quiet reflection, festive meals, and camaraderie all help to make this an unforgettable experience.


Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Eucharist, Liturgy of the Neighbor

This workshop explores the three rites that make up the Mass and the three great truths that each of these eucharistic rites leads us to discover as well as challenges us to live out in our daily lives. Two parts of the Mass are the liturgy of the Word and the liturgy of the Eucharist, which together instruct and nourish believers to be sent out to continue the Eucharist in the liturgy of the Neighbor. The way we interact with those around us at church, at home, and in the marketplace flows from the action of God in the Eucharist.


The Manna Series

The Manna Series is a follow-up resource for the ongoing formation of communities wishing to nurture and strengthen their eucharistic spirituality. Presented in three volumes: 1. Food for the Journey, 2. Bread from Heaven, and 3. Hope in the Desert, each volume consists of twelve monthly theological/spiritual reflections on the Eucharist. The series is especially useful for adult catechesis over three years.


Parish Mission or Retreat

Contact the CEE if you are interested in bringing one of our programs to your parish. We have a variety of offerings on the Eucharist and are able to structure them to meet your pastoral needs. Our programs offer a contemporary way of updating the practice of Forty Hours devotion or preparing your parishioners for the Paschal Triduum during Lent.


Personal Spiritual Growth and the Eucharist

We bring our lives as they are to be placed on the altar along with bread and wine. All are transformed under the powerful action of  the Holy Spirit. This day of reflection uses insights in developmental theory from C. G. Jung and the offering of our lives in union with Christ at Mass. The structure of the Mass in terms of the four steps of growth is: Acceptance, Letting Go, Becoming One, and Becoming New.


Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord

This series consists of four presentations on worship in the presence of the Eucharist. They include a period of catechetical instruction on prayer and a worship service that follows the teaching. Each session begins with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and ends with benediction. Topics are: Worship the Lord with Praise and Thanksgiving; Mary, the Eucharist, and Eucharistic Prayer; The Eymardian Way of Eucharistic Prayer―Praying the Four Ends; Eucharistic Prayer as Lectio Divina.